Warrior Shield Skills Preview

Here’s another set of skill previews, this time for weapon+ shield skills for warriors. Once again, we can see some old abilities returning (like shield wall and shield bash) as well as some new skills like Lunge and Slash. Looks like tanks will be more fun to play.  

More Skyhold Info

Bioware has released more info about Skyhold Castle, particularly discussing the War Table feature and the three adviser companions. Check out the full post at the official site Summary of the important points: [DRAGON AGE]: All three of the Inquisition’s advisors have been introduced, but can you tell us more about their role in the … Read more

More Info on Skyhold

A few days ago Bioware revealed Skyhold  – your own personal castle and home in Dragon Age: Inquisition. Today Bioware released more information about Skyhold with this interview. Highlights from the interview: [DRAGON AGE]: Can you give us a quick recap on what exactly Skyhold is? [CAMERON LEE]: Skyhold is a huge fortress and the … Read more

Mage Abilities Preview

Couple of days ago we had the warrior two-handed skill preview, today it’s the mage’s turn. Once again, we have a mix of old abilities and some new ones – Lightning Bolt looks like a slightly modified Lightning skill, while Flashfire is an entirely new ability.  

Two-Handed Warrior Abilities

Bioware teased some Inquisition two-handed warrior skills on their twitter recently. Mighty Blow and Whirlwind should sound familiar as they were also in Dragon Age: Origins and Dragon Age 2, but Earthshaking Strike is an entirely new skill.