More Co-op Character Images

Every character has a set race, gender, and story. There will be a total of 12 characters available to play in the multiplayer Co-op. Note: these characters are completely separate from the main, single-player game. The normal game will still have the usual 3 classes with 3 specializations each.

Dragon Age Keep Full Reveal

Bioware has just revealed the full information about Dragon Age Keep. Check out the youtube video below for full information. Note: you will be able to either upload your Dragon Age: Origins / Dragon Age 2 files, or simply create whatever story decisions you prefer. In any case, you decide how the story of the … Read more

More Co-op Multiplayer Screenshots

I’m sure everyone is excited about the co-op multiplayer as much as me. So here are some more screenshots, showing the skill strees, inventory, potions, and more. This screenshot shows the Legionnaire co-op class skill stree. As we can guess from the icons, and the description of the “Shield Wall” ability, legionnaires will be the … Read more

Multiplayer Gameplay Trailer + New Info

Bioware has just released their next gameplay trailer, showcasing the co-op multiplayer. Hidden treasure rooms, everyone! Also, new information has come out about how the co-op mode will function. Players will be able to create characters specifically for co-op out of a pool of 12 classes, including archer, elementalist, keeper, alchemist, assasin, katari, and legionnaire … Read more