Dev Demo Video, more screenshots

We’ve got a whole one hour video (two parts) for you to watch today, narrated by none other than Dragon Age’s very own developers. It includes an indepth look at the character creation and basic gameplay. Also, a couple new screenshots. Enjoy!

More Companion & Character Creation Images

All of the companion posters have been released, so here they are in their full glory all in one picture (Click for larger version). Also, click here to check a couple more images from the Dragon Age: Inquisition Character Creation Screen. The graphics really look outstanding, soon enough we won’t be able to tell the … Read more

Ridable Mounts + more

More news about some cool new features coming in Dragon Age: Inquisition. Players will be able to ride mounts for the first time.  One of these is called the “Bog Unicorn”, an undead Unicorn with a sword in its skull. Bioware has stated there will be 30 mounts in total (yay customization!) Below are the … Read more