HUD screenshot, PC requirements

Here’s the first official HUD screenshot for Dragon Age Inquisition. Looks really slick and stylized, I love the art direction of the game. And here are the official PC system requirements for DA: I: Minimum Requirements: OS: Windows 7 or 8.1 64-bit CPU: AMD quad core CPU @ 2.5 GHz, Intel quad core CPU @ … Read more

Dragon Age: Origins for Free

If by some weird chain of events you still haven’t played Dragon Age: Origins (the first DA game), you can get it for free right now on Origin, EA’s version of Steam. I would highly recommend playing the first game if you’re totally new to Dragon Age, and you still have enough time! Other than … Read more

Dragon Age Keep Update, New Gameplay Video

For those of you interested in Dragon Age Keep: there is no official release date yet, but we know for certain it will be released some time prior to the official game. Most predictions at the moment say end of October. And here’s a new gameplay video. Those graphics and combat effects look awesome!

Customization Infographic

Bioware is really stressing the amount of customization that will be available in Dragon Age: Inquisition. Tons of skills and talents, highly-detailed character creation, 30 mounts, lots of customization options for Skyhold Castle, armor sets, crafting and more. Check out the infographic below.    

Character Creation Video

To add on to yesterday’s video, here’s another quick character creation showcase for Inquisition. The graphics are absolutely outstanding, I like the dwarf in particular. And the amount of customization is ridiculous!