Dragon Age Keep Info

Some of you may have heard of “Dragon Age Keep” but what is it really? Dragon Age Keep is a “companion web experience” – a fancy way to say that it will allow you to pick story choices from Dragon Age: Origins and Dragon Age 2 to set up the story for Inquisition. This is … Read more

Morrigan / Varric News

Morrigan, everyone’s favorite female companion from Dragon Age: Origins, is making a return in Inquisition. Unfortunately she will not be a companion, but will likely play a pivotal role in the plot. Morrigan serves as an adviser to Empress Celene of Orlais at the time of DA: I. Second, Mike Laidlaw, the Lead Designer of … Read more

Developer Q & A

New game info straight from the developers of DA: Inquisition – Daniel Kading (DK), Mark Darrah (MD) and Mike Laidlaw – the lead Designer of the Dragon Age series (ML). Do weapons and armor degrade over time? If so, can they be repaired in the field? [DK]:No equipment decay Will there be any enemies with … Read more