Vivienne Trailer

Here’s a new Vivienne-centric trailer. Vivienne sure got a lot of sass! Judging by the links at the end, we will be getting a trailer for every companion.

Story Choices Video

This is supposedly the last gameplay video Bioware will release before the launch of the game. This is pretty standard stuff if you’ve played the previous Dragon Age games – having a lot of choice is a big part of the series. I for one just want to play the game already!

60 Fps Gameplay Video

I remember reading years back that 60 fps did not have any significant, or even visible advantages over the standard 30 fps. Maybe even something to the extent that “the human eye cannot see the difference beyond 30 fps”. Well, today I can safely conclude that those people were wrong. Check out this Dragon Age: … Read more

New Trailer, More Streaming

Make sure to tune in to Bioware’s stream tommorow for new gameplay streaming. You can also check out their older DA: Iquisition broadcasts there as well. And here’s a new PC-oriented game trailer. PC Master Race Unite!