More Co-op Multiplayer Screenshots

I’m sure everyone is excited about the co-op multiplayer as much as me. So here are some more screenshots, showing the skill strees, inventory, potions, and more.


This screenshot shows the Legionnaire co-op class skill stree. As we can guess from the icons, and the description of the “Shield Wall” ability, legionnaires will be the defensive warrior class adept at tanking enemy damage. I’m assuming the two shield icons at the top represent the two different skill strees that every co-op class will have.


Here is the Inventory menu in co-op. We can see the character’s statistics like defenses from melee, ranged, and magic damage, as well as amount of health and armor. And of course, all of the weapons and armor you get is salvageable, allowing you to create crafting materials out of items you don’t want.

coop3This looks like some sort of class armor unlock that gets your character a new look and also improves your stats a bit.coop4

Mmm, potions. That’s a hell of a lot of options, which is always great for complex, fun, and strategic gameplay. This Jar of Bees potion summons bees that deal damage, and also cause targets to become panicked. OH GOD NOT THE BEES!

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