DA: I – ‘The Descent’ DLC Review

I got my hands on the new ‘Descent’ DLC yesterday and it was pretty good. Going back to the Deep Roads and fighting Darkspawn reminded me of playing DA: Origins again, which I think is still the best game in the series. The story was also more interesting than Jaws of Hakkon because it build upon older game lore in regards to Dwarves, lyrium, etc.

Another thing that really stands out in this DLC is the cool environmental design, instead of just the bland tunnels and caves of the ‘Origins’ Deep Roads.

One of the zones in 'The Descent'
One of the zones in ‘The Descent’

It was also nice to return to a more linear area design reminiscent of Origins, versus the large open areas that we’re used to in Inquisition. Although there are some side caves and hidden locations as you go through the areas, they are all easy to spot and connect to the main linear path. There’s a total of 6 levels that go deeper and deeper underground.

Fighting Ogres was a nice throwback to 'Origins'
Fighting Ogres was a nice throwback to ‘Origins’

Having said that, there are some cons to this DLC. My biggest issue is the price tag – I don’t think its worth $ 15 because there’s only about 6 hours of content, even on Nightmare difficulty. There’s also the usual problem of too little companion interaction – outside of the few cutscenes, your party will be very quiet. Overall I’d rate it a 7.5/10 – pick it up if you’re a big DA fan, otherwise wait for a sale or avoid entirely.


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