Dragon Age: Inquisition Co-op Multiplayer Announced!

Big news from Bioware – Dragon Age: Inquisition will  have a co-op multiplayer! Players can group up online and complete a total of three different co-op campaigns. Each campaign will have randomly-generated areas, making the co-op a repayable experience.  These missions will be connected to the single-player story, but still be a separate experience. The idea behind the multiplayer is to give players an outlet for quick rewards and action, as well as giving the game a more social feel. Players will be rewarded for playing co-op in different ways – gold, item recipes, potions, and even new character skins.

The three areas we know of so far are: Elven Ruins, Tevinter, and an Orlesian Palace. Multiplayer will be entirely free.

Check out more info at Dragon Age’s official website, and at IGN.


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