Dual Wield Daggers Tempest Build

Here’s one final skill build to round up the rogue side of things – the Dual Wield Daggers Tempest. Thanks to one anonymous Sherlock for reminding me about this build :) . This was one of the harder builds to finalize due to many different options (like going heavy into subterfuge or sabotage) but I’m happy with the final result.


The build has comparable damage to an Assassin dual wield rogue, but also boasts better survivability and utility thanks to flasks. One thing you’ll notice is that that we’re not taking stealth. In fact, we’re not taking any Subterfuge skills. That is because Tempest doesn’t have any synergy with stealth due to its very fast-paced playstyle – between spamming damage under the effect of Flask of Fire and using your flasks back to back, there isn’t much time for activating stealth.

I also chose not to get Shadow Strike for this build; it’s too far down the Subterfuge tree, has a gimmicky attack animation, and lower damage than Twin Fangs and Deathblow.

The key mechanic of this build is the same as the Archer version – using flasks back to back to maintain all of your passive bonuses, while at the same time using each flask’s unique effect to  your advantage. Most of your damage will come from spamming Twin Fangs or Deathblow while under the effect of Flask of Fire.

Basic Gameplay

  • Get into combat by using Flank Attack
  • Activate Flask of Fire and spam Twin Fangs/Deathblow, depending on the enemy’s health; If health is above 50%, Twin Fangs is better DPS, if below, you should be using Deathblow
  • Follow up Flask of Fire with Flask of Lightning and continue using your 3 damage skills (Twin Fangs/Deathblow/Flank Attack)
  • Close up your flask rotation with Flask of Frost
  • You don’t necessarily have to use the flasks in this order, but as a general tip FoFire – >FoL -> FoFrost is a good rotation
  • For your Focus ability you can get either Thousand Cuts or Mark of the Rift; up to personal preference
  • For your 8th skill, you can go with either Spinning Blades or Hook & Tackle, also up to preference. I chose to go with Spinning Blades to fill gaps when Twin Fangs and Flask of Fire were on cooldown, but stuff wasn’t low enough to use Deathblow  yet
  • Make sure to always attack from the back or flank to get extra crit chance
  • Stack Critical Damage Bonus to get even higher DPS

General Flask Tips:

  • Flask of Lightning is great if you’re about to die, or if you need to resurrect a fallen party member, because it effectively freezes time for its duration
  • Flask of Frost is great if you’re getting hit by melee enemies, and also for performing your own skill combos (Freeze -> Twin Fangs)
  • Activating Flasks one after another increases their duration by 3 seconds (Ride the Storm passive)

A note on Masterworks: If you’re having trouble surviving consider crafting an item with a Guard on Hit masterwork. Fade-Touched-Silverite (+5 Guard on hit) should be enough to deal with any survivability issues, especially in combination with FoL and FoF.

Points Spent: 20+

Point Allocation:

Dual Daggers: Twin Fangs / Rippling Fangs / Dance of Death / Sneak Attack / Deathblow / Thrill of Victory / Skirmisher

Sabotage: Caltrops / Looked Like It Hurt

Tempest: Everything, but Thousand Cuts is optional


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2 thoughts on “Dual Wield Daggers Tempest Build”

  1. Just one note: Instead of Spinning Blades I suggest Throwing Blades with Precision Targeting. It is good to have a (medium) ranged skill even for a melee character and its upgrade Precision Targeting stacks during the whole Flask of Fire duration, if you spam it. I have also Pichusion to help this even further and with proper preparation (Mighty Offense tonics and other potions for Killer’s Alchemy, Pinchusion build-up with auto-attack) I can almost kill a dragon on [nightmare, all trials, solo] already in the first flask of lightning and-then flask of fire phase (without using any focus skill). Usually only 10-20% hp is left, and I do not have full-damage equipment, so this could be even better.


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