Elemental Mage Build

Thanks to Malcolm AKA Dorian of House None of Your Business for the build!

Hey everyone, hope you’re enjoying the new year. I’ve got a new mage build to talk about today – the Elemental Mage. This build is similar to the “Jack of All Trades” in that it doesn’t take any specialization skills and gives you many options. With 2 spells from every tree you can deal with almost any situation and enemies with specific resistances.


With access to 4 different spell schools, this build has high damage and also allows you to support at the same time with barrier and revival. In particular, you have high AOE damage and control because all your skills are AOE, and good mobility and mana regen with upgraded Fade Step. And because you don’t need any specialization skills, you can use this build on any one of your mages.

Points Spent: 21+

Spirit: Barrier / Elegant Defense / Guardian Spirit / Mind Blast / Revival / Desperation / Strength of Spirits

Storm: Chain Lightning / Stormbringer/ Gathering Storm / Static Cage

Inferno: Immolate / Flashpoint /  Pyromancer / Fire Mine / Flaming Array

Winter: Fade Step / Energizing Step / Winter Stillness / Ice Mine / Chilling Array

Dragon Age Inquisition - skill legend

Given that this build takes skills in all 4 mage trees, you have a lot of choice on what to level first and there’s no clearcut “best” way. Generally speaking though, I would always start with barrier and then grab the Inferno skills to get upgraded Fire Mine ASAP to boost your damage.

After this you can finish your Spirit skills and pick up revival so you don’t have to worry about keeping the party alive. Then you can choose to get either the Storm or Winter skills first, depending on preference. Upgraded Fade Step in particular can be picked up whenever you start having mana issues, and Ice Mine is great if you feel like you’re lacking in CC.

Note: If you’re playing this build on your Inquisitor, I’d use Mark of the Rift instead of Chain Lightning


  • Keep barrier up at all times
  • Prioritize using Fire Mine first, since it is your biggest damage spell. Keep in mind you need to get in close range to make use of the Flaming Array upgrade
  • Use Fade Step as a way of generating mana – the more targets you fade through, the more mana you restore
  • Use Ice Mine whenever you need reliable CC. You can also use this to generate skill combos, like Ice Mine -> Immolate
  • Use Lightning Cage when 3+ enemies are close together
  • Immolate is used mostly to generate skill combos, and when other skills are on cooldown
  • Use Chain Lightning as a filler DPS spell
  • Revival with the Desperation upgrade is AMAZING for damage. Use it whenever 2 or more party members have fallen near each other

3 thoughts on “Elemental Mage Build”

  1. I have a doubt, what’s the point in using Flaming Array if you have to get close to enemies? This doesn’t make sense to me if I’m not playing as a Knight Enchanter

    • Because it is a very high damage spell. By itself even on hardcore it will kill many enemies. I much prefer this build to KE because I don’t like the mechanics of that.


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