More Info on Skyhold

A few days ago Bioware revealed Skyhold  – your own personal castle and home in Dragon Age: Inquisition. Today Bioware released more information about Skyhold with this interview.

Highlights from the interview:

[DRAGON AGE]: Can you give us a quick recap on what exactly Skyhold is?

[CAMERON LEE]: Skyhold is a huge fortress and the seat of your power as the leader of the Inquisition. From there, you decide the fate of nations, direct your agents throughout Thedas, pass judgment on your enemies, and decide how you will personally take action against the Elder One.

[DA]: Does Skyhold’s appearance change over the course of the game?

[CL]: As you progress, you’ll notice some parts of Skyhold expanding and becoming more detailed. Murals may be painted, and trophies collected and mysterious artifacts researched by your Inquisition followers. All of this and more has a physical impact on Skyhold.

[DA]: What areas of Skyhold can players customize?

[CL]: Skyhold can be customized to reflect what sort of Inquisition you’re leading. You choose what to do with major parts of the castle such as towers and the courtyard as well as decorations like statues, windows, drapes, furniture, and even the heraldry your Inquisition forces will take into the world.

[DA]: Are there lots of different areas to visit in Skyhold?

[CL]: Skyhold is filled with interesting places to visit! There’s a tavern where Inquisition followers are having a drink. A dungeon with your defeated enemies rotting away. Your throne room, where you’ll pass judgment on your enemies (but we’ll get more into that later).

There’s a large library with a research assistant, and a garden where you can choose which plants to grow for making potions. Other locations you can visit include a vault, kitchen, guard tower, rookery, training ground… and that’s still not a complete list of all the places you can visit.

[DA]: Skyhold is also equipped to help you prepare for your next battle, right?

[CL]: Absolutely. When you’re ready for another adventure or battle, you may want to visit the crafting rooms to forge, enchant, or upgrade armor and weapons. You also can brew potions and poisons at the crafting table. Next, walk over to the stables where you can pick which mount you’ll ride on your adventure.

[DA]: Seems like there’s still one other area of importance that you haven’t mentioned yet…

[CL]: Indeed. Last but not least is the war table, where you can see what’s happening throughout the world and whether your agents have reported any new leads on the Elder One.

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