“Jack of All Trades” Mage Build

I’ve been wanting to try a build  that doesn’t require any specializations for the mage class, and this was the result. This build takes spells in every mage tree (Spirit, Storm, Inferno, and Winter) with the aim of having access to a lot of different tools.

You have some CC, some mobility, some support, access to different elements to help against enemies that are strong/weak against particular schools, and most of all HIGH DAMAGE!

Dragon Age Inquisition - Jack of all trades mage build

Although this build may not be as strong in specific areas (like AOE damage) as a build with a specialization, it has a LOT more versatility. For example, a Rift Mage may struggle on a boss fight because his specialization spells are relatively useless against bosses, but that wouldn’t be a problem for this build because it provides a great array of single-target DPS skills.

Furthermore, this build can also support very effectively in addition to dealing damage, so you don’t need a separate mage for supporting.

Key Skill interactions:

  • Barrier with the Rejuvenating Barrier passive gives you 35% more mana regeneration – very important for this build because it is so mana-intensive
  • Static Cage works VERY well together with Fire Mine and Energy Barrage – this will be your main damage rotation
  • Chaotic Focus + Barrier to power up your Fire Mine to do more damage

Basic Gameplay:

  • Before engaging in combat, always put barrier up first, so that you get both the mana regen bonus, and the Chaotic Focus bonus
  • Put down Static Cage on the area where enemies are most clumped up – the more enemies you get inside the cage, the better
  • Follow up with fire mine inside the static cage, and then with Energy Barrage – this will also trigger the Lightning Cage passive, dealing even more damage
  • Immolate is used mostly as filler when your Static cage, Fire mine, and Energy barrage are on cooldown
  • Use Winter’s Grasp when you need a reliable CC for a single target, or when you want to perform an easy combo (Winter’s Grasp -> any detonator skill)
  • Use Fade Step for mobility – e.g. get out of a dangerous position, or aggressively to get close to enemies
  • Use Barrier throughout fights to negate damage and help mana regeneration
  • For your 8th skill slot, you can either use Dispel (great for tons of things like dispelling Rifts and barriers) or Mark of the Rift
Dragon Age Inquisition - Static Cage Fire Mine
Static Cage + Fire Mine – crowd controlling 3 targets at the same time and setting up a high damage combo.

As a final note, because this build requires so much mana, I would recommend that you craft an armor or weapon with a masterwork that reduces the mana cost of your skills.

Masterworks like Fade-Touched Plush Fustian Velvet (reduces ability cost by 10%) and Fade-Touched Royal Sea Silk (Abilities cost 20% less mana/stamina if not being hit for 5 seconds) are great choices so you have more mana to cast more often. Check out the full list of Masterworks here.

Points Spent: 19+

Spirit: Barrier / Guardian Spirit / Peaceful Aura / Dispel / Rejuvenating Barrier

Storm: Energy Barrage / Conductive Current / Static Charge / Static Cage / Lightning Cage

Inferno: Immolate / Flashpoint /  Clean Burn  / Pyromancer / Fire Mine / Searing Glyph / Chaotic Focus

Winter: Winter’s Grasp / Fade Step / Frost Step

Dragon Age Inquisition - Jack of All Trades Build

Dragon Age Inquisition - skill legend

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