Multiplayer Gameplay Trailer + New Info

Bioware has just released their next gameplay trailer, showcasing the co-op multiplayer. Hidden treasure rooms, everyone!

Also, new information has come out about how the co-op mode will function. Players will be able to create characters specifically for co-op out of a pool of 12 classes, including archer, elementalist, keeper, alchemist, assasin, katari, and legionnaire classes. We can kind of guess what each one of those does from the name – like the legionnaire who will probably be a tank. After choosing a class, you can either invite your friends to create a party of 4, or queue up in a matching system.

Once the co-op match begins, you will have access to 4 abilities, and you won’t be able to pause the game like in single-player. This ensures a fast-paced atmosphere where party members have to work together on the fly to progress through the missions. Each of the three  co-op campaigns will put you against one of three enemy factions: Demons, Venatori (a human cult revering an ancient God) and the Red Templars – a group of rebel Templars who oppose the Inquisition.

Playing in co-op will grant you experience to level up your co-op characters, and choose one of two skill trees to improve. Players will also be rewarded with gold, which can be used to buy chests with random loot. You can also salvage unwanted items and turn them into crafting materials. Full info at GameInformer.


Some of the co-op classes you can choose.
Some of the co-op classes you can choose.

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