Quick Skill Combo Guide

Here’s a quick guide to get you started with performing skill combos in DA: Inquisition. Combos are special effects that occur only when you use two specific abilities together in quick succession. Combos typically result in heavy damage, along with some extra effect, like a damaging DoT. Here is how you can perform a combo:

1) Use a CC (crowd control) ability that either Stuns, Freezes, Paralyzes, or Sleeps a target.

2) Use a detonator ability while the target is still affected by the first skill.

CC effects such as Winter's grasp and Pommel Strike are required to set up a combo
CC effects such as Winter’s grasp and Pommel Strike are required to set up a combo.

Stun effects come from several Warrior abilities, Sleep from Rogues, and Freeze / Paralyze from Mages. Read skill descriptions to see if a spell will cause one of these CC effects. Skills that can detonate a CC effect also have a special note in their description, such as “Eldritch Detonator Ability: use on incapacitated foes for a combo.”

Long Shot is one example of a combo detonator ability
Long Shot is one example of a combo detonator ability.

Although you can set up combos manually by ordering one party member to use a CC skill, and then using a different party member to detonate it, that is relatively time-consuming. The easiest way to go about combos is to set CC skills such as Winter’s Grasp to preffered in your character tactics, and then whenever one of your party members casts them, simple activate a combo detonator like Long Shot. Also, your party members will often perform combos all by themselves, although not reliably.

Here’s an example of a Winter’s Grasp -> Long Shot combo, which causes a Shatter effect, dealing high Cold damage.

Combo Example - Winter's Grasp followed up by Long Shot to Shatter the target

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