More Skyhold Info

Bioware has released more info about Skyhold Castle, particularly discussing the War Table feature and the three adviser companions. Check out the full post at the official site

Summary of the important points:

[DRAGON AGE]: All three of the Inquisition’s advisors have been introduced, but can you tell us more about their role in the Inquisition?

[CAMERON LEE]: Leliana, Cullen, and Josephine are your primary advisors in the Inquisition. They represent the three pillars of power: espionage, military, and politics. Each of them leads a contingent of agents they send out on operations that help you in your search for and battle against the Elder One.

[DA]: What types of tasks can you carry out from the war table?

[CL]: There are over 300 missions and operations available on the war table, and they can change depending on your previous choices and actions in the game. There’s a range of types: scouting missions to establish the first camp in a new area you’d like to explore, building missions to raise structures in the areas you’ve being exploring, recruitment missions to bring expertise into the inquisition, treaties, resource-gathering, political assassinations, and many, many more.

The wartable allows you to initiate and track various side-missions
The wartable in Skyhold Castle adds a fun new layer of complexity to Dragon Age by allowing you to send agents to complete missions on your behalf

[DA]: How will players gain influence and power for the Inquisition?

[CL]: You earn influence and power as you explore, overcome enemies, bring stability to regions, complete quests, and close rifts between the world and the Fade. You spend that influence and power at the war table when you send your agents on an operation or begin a new major story plot.

[DA]: What do you get from completing operations through the war table?

[CL]: Operations will give you different rewards such as gold, rare crafting materials, weapons and equipment, new recruits, and even the ability to rebuild structures you’ve seen on your adventures.

[DA]: Will the advisors have different opinions on the best way to complete an operation?

[CL]: Each of your advisors will want to approach an operation in a different way, which will help determine the outcome and rewards for completing the operation and can potentially affect any follow-up operations.

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