Skyhold Judgements

Bioware has released the third part of their Skyhold Interview, which discusses judgements.

TLDR: you will be able to decide people’s fate just like a judge in Skyhold Castle. Full Interview transcript below:

The Throne room.

[DRAGON AGE]: Let’s talk about the role of the Inquisitor. How much power do you have as leader?

[CAMERON LEE]: As the Inquisitor, you have an authority that spans nations, shaping events and issuing commands to your agents throughout a land in strife. Your power over the fate of thousands also has a personal side. The burden of leadership falls to you, and right or wrong, your choices will have an impact on the lives of those who cross your path.

[DA]: That brings us to the topic of judgments in the game. Can you expand a little bit on that?

[CL]: Sure. The innocent, the misguided, the foolish, and the righteous all must decide which side of the conflict they support, but if they choose poorly, they may find themselves standing before your throne awaiting judgment. This is one of the ways you can see a personal side to your enemies and understand their motivations—and just as importantly, it offers you a chance to reflect on your own decisions and actions throughout the game.

[DA]: So, you quite literally assume the role of judge, jury, and executioner?

[CL]: Exactly. When you sit on your throne in Skyhold, your advisors will bring a prisoner to you for judgment. Your advisor will read the charges and provide additional information before you have a chance to question the prisoner yourself. Then you’ll be asked to decide their fate. Your choices won’t be black and white, but shades in between. Set them free, recruit them into the Inquisition, execute them yourself, make them your court jester, or even make them Tranquil are just some examples of the sentences you can pass in a judgment.

[DA]: As with any decision, there may be repercussions to deal with, right?

[CL]: I’ll say this: how you judge your enemies may have an impact on your Inquisition. For example, can you live with having an evil agent join the Inquisition if they make it more effective? Other sentences may affect side quests, operations, Skyhold itself, and even your closest companions, so choose wisely.

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