New Dragon age 4 Teaser Trailer and Info

We’re a little late to the party, but Bioware finally released a new teaser trailer for Dragon age 4 in December 2020. Check it out below. This trailer has a lot of juicy bits that confirm much of the speculation about the game. Unfortunately, there’s still no release date for the game but it’s clear … Read more

Dragon Age 4 2020 News: New Video Clips


It’s time for another update on the seemingly never-ending development for Dragon Age 4. There have been some new hints and reveals, more importantly from the June 2020 EA Play Live Event. This streamed event included three short video clips from a Bioware project which appear to show the environment of Dragon Age 4. You … Read more

More Dragon Age 4 News and Speculation

It looks like some fresh news has come out since I last posted about Dragon 4. For starters, there was the teaser trailer released in December of 2018, which gave DA 4 a working title of The Dread Wolf Rises. There isn’t too much info here, but it does confirm that Solas (the titular Dread … Read more

Dragon Age 4 News & Speculation

It’s been a while since I posted so I figured it would be a good time to talk about DA 4. After all, it’s already been more than 3 years since Inquisition was released and many of us are looking forward to the next release. Neither EA nor Bioware has made an official announcement about … Read more

Elemental Mage Build

elemental mage build dragon age inquisition

Thanks to Malcolm AKA Dorian of House None of Your Business for the build! Hey everyone, hope you’re enjoying the new year. I’ve got a new mage build to talk about today – the Elemental Mage. This build is similar to the “Jack of All Trades” in that it doesn’t take any specialization skills and … Read more