Astrarium Puzzles

On this page you can find solutions to the many Astrarium puzzles found in Dragon Age: Inquisition, broken down by world zone. I will be adding these as I play.

Frostback Basin (Jaws of Hakkon DLC)

Solutions to the Western River Bank, Cliffside Path, and Basin Floor Astrarium Puzzles in the new Frostback Basin zone of Dragon Age: Inquisition’s Jaws of Hakkon DLC.

The Hinterlands

Solutions to the 3 astrariums found in the Hinterlands zone.

Storm Coast

Solutions to the Great Cove, Apostate’s Landing, and Morrin’s Outlook Astrariums in the Storm Coast.




Solutions to the East Side Hills, Glenmorgan Mine, and  Forester Homestead Astrarium Puzzles  found in the Crestwood zone.

The Western Approach

Solutions to the  Griffon Wing Keep, Echoback Canyon, and Prison Ruins Astrariums found in The Western Approach zone.

Exalted Plains

Solutions to the Harrow, Nettle Pass, and Direstone Astrariums in the Exalted Plains.