Only 3 or so days left until game is released! Can’t believe how fast the time went by. If you’re on PC, you should start your pre-load if you’ve already purchased the game, so you can play straight away on the 17th/18th.

Also, here’s a new youtube video showcasing yet more skills. We finally get a better look at each specialization. And before I forget, some more imgur screenshots from the Multiplayer.

Now this is what I call a trailer! This is without a doubt my favorite Dragon Age: Inquisition video released so far. Bioware is increasing the hype to unbearable levels as we approach game release on November 18th.

Two fresh videos today: First off, the Varric character trailer, featuring everyone’s favorite wise-cracking dwarf.

The second video is a funny “ride the Bull” segment of initiating a bedroom romance with the Iron Bull (Qunari companion). A lot of people are complaining about how poorly written this is, but I find it hilarious.

To complement the Viviene trailer released a couple days ago, here is the next in the series of short character trailers for DA: Inquisition, this one for Iron Bull, the badass pure awesomeness Qunari warrior.