3 Days to Go, Spec Video

Only 3 or so days left until game is released! Can’t believe how fast the time went by. If you’re on PC, you should start your pre-load if you’ve already purchased the game, so you can play straight away on the 17th/18th. Also, here’s a new youtube video showcasing yet more skills. We finally get … Read more

The Breach Trailer

Now this is what I call a trailer! This is without a doubt my favorite Dragon Age: Inquisition video released so far. Bioware is increasing the hype to unbearable levels as we approach game release on November 18th.

Varric Trailer, Iron Bull Romance Video

Two fresh videos today: First off, the Varric character trailer, featuring everyone’s favorite wise-cracking dwarf. The second video is a funny “ride the Bull” segment of initiating a bedroom romance with the Iron Bull (Qunari companion). A lot of people are complaining about how poorly written this is, but I find it hilarious.

Iron Bull Trailer

To complement the Viviene trailer released a couple days ago, here is the next in the series of short character trailers for DA: Inquisition, this one for Iron Bull, the badass pure awesomeness Qunari warrior.