Choosing Your Specialization

Choosing a specialization in Dragon Age: Inquisition can be a difficult task – after all, you’re stuck with whatever you choose for the rest of the game. Here’s a quick guide to make your decision easier, based on your preferred playstyle. If you’re looking for more info, you can also check out the builds section to see which specializations you like more.


Rogue Specializations.

Melee / Dual Wield

All 3 specs are viable for melee rogues, so this is really up to personal opinion. Assassins play like the most “traditional” sort of rogue with burst damage and stealth-oriented skills. Artificer will be focusing a lot on using traps in addition to dual-wield skills. Meanwhile Tempests will be chugging their magical flasks in between using dagger skills.


if you’re going to play as an Archer, then all three specializations are also viable. I personally played as Tempest because I found the specialization very unique and refreshing, but you can play as an Artificer or Assassin as well. As far as playstyle, Tempest is all about buffing yourself through flasks to increase damage, survivability, and utility, Artificer is about spamming traps and buffing your whole party, and Assassin is more about high single-target damage.



Two-handed/Damage Dealer

Both Reaver and Templar work for two-handed warriors. If you want to do the most damage possible, then Reaver is the way to go, as it is the only warrior specialization specifically designed for high damage output. You can also play a two-handed Templar – you will do less damage, but gain some nice buffs for your party.


If you want to play as a defensive warrior with a 1-hander and a shield, then either Templar or Champion is your best bet. If you’re ONLY interested in tanking, holding aggro, and staying alive, then Champion is the better choice. Templar focuses more on buffing the party, and aren’t as good at holding aggro and absorbing damage.


Mage specializations.

Mage is  more about which school of magic you prefer – Necromancy/Death spells, AOE spells, or melee-oriented spells. If you’re looking for the most AOE damage and control, then Rift Mage is your best spec choice, as it has the most AOE abilities.

If you want to play in melee range like a warrior or a rogue (and be overpowered), then Knight-Enchanter is a fun option. And if you’ve always wanted to play as the master of death, dots, and CC abilities, then Necromancer is the obvious choice.

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