Only about a week left until game release. There isn’t much new content so instead I will mention a useful tip I found on Reddit. If you want to play Inquisition as early as Nov. 17 (1 day before the official release) , you can use a proxy program to appear as if you’re from South Korea on Origin (the Bioware game client) , which will allow you to play the game earlier because of the time differences.

First, purchase the game normally, then:

1. Go to and download the client (first link).

2. Install the program.

3. Launch the SoftEther VPN Client Manager.

4. Double click on VPN Gate Public Relay Servers.

5. Choose any South Korean server from the list and connect.

6. Log into your Origin account. It will now think you are in South Korea, allowing you to play Inquisition about a day earlier (Nov 17th).

This is perfectly legal and safe. I’m certainly going to use this method to get my hands on the game sooner.

ESRB (short for Entertainment Software Rating Board) is an organization that assigns age / letter ratings to video games. This doesn’t really matter that much for us gamers, but typically, the higher the rating (that is, the older you have to be to buy/play the game) the better, because that implies tons of violence, mature language, and of course nudity!

In the case of Dragon age: Inquisition, the rating is going to be M for Mature (age 17 and up), just like DA: Origins and Dragon Age 2, so we can safely expect  steamy sex scenes and violence.