The human, dwarf, elf, and Qunari races make a return in Dragon Age: Inquisition. As usual, players can choose the race, sex and class for their main character. For the first time, the Qunari race is also playable, allowing players to experience the hulking race of horned giants.

Races of Dragon Age Inquisition  - Qunari, Human, Elf, and Dwarf
The 4 main races of Dragon Age: Inquisition.


Dragon Age Inquisition - Human raceHumans

Humans are the most numerous and most powerful race of Dragon Age.  The leading kingdoms explored in the Dragon Age franchise are human – Orlais, Ferelden, and others. As in most video games, Humans are recognized for  their adaptability.

As such, it is not surprising that the Racial Bonus for Humans is 1 bonus ability point.




Dragon Age Inquisition - Dwarf RaceDwarf

Dwarves are a short, stocky, and physically-strong race. They lack the magical affinity of other races. They are particularly known for their great skill as builders, and have constructed great underground cities.  They were once a dominant race, but due to the Blights, their kingdoms have fallen into decline.

The Racial Bonus for Dwarves is 25% damage resistance to Magical Attacks.




Dragon Age Inquisition - Elf raceElf

As most depictions of Elves in video games, Dragon Age’s Elves are a physically-weaker version of humans with a slender build and stronger affinity for nature and magic. The Elves of Dragon Age are scattered and do not have a home, after the fall of their once-great civilization due to war with the humans. They are typically found throughout the world as nomads and outcasts.

The Racial Bonus for Elves in Inquisition is 25% damage resistance to Ranged Attacks.




Dragon Age Inquisition - Qunari raceQunari

The Qunari (meaning people of the “Qun”) are a playable in Dragon Age: Inquisition, unlike the previous DA games. They are a humanoid race known for their large size. Qunari approach the height of 7 feet (2.1 meters) and are also known for their demon-like horns, bronzed skin, and white hair. The Qunari are followers of the “Qun” – a code of honor that they live by. Even members of other races can join the Qunari if they accept the teachings of the Qun.

The Racial Bonus for Qunari is +10% Physical Resistance.