Rogue Specialization Skills

Rogue Specialization Skills


Dragon Age Inquisition - Rogues have 3 specializations: Arificer, Assassin, and Tempest

The 3 rogue specializations are Artificer, Assassin, and Tempest.


Dragon Age Inquisition - Artificer specialization

Artificer rogues specialize in the use of traps, and provide their party with various bonuses.


Dragon Age Inquisition - Assassin specialization




The assassin specialization is very similar to its predecessors in Dragon Age: Origins and DA: 2 – it provides high single-target damage, and avoidance.


Dragon Age Inquisition - Tempest specialization

Tempest is the most unique rogue specialization, combining elements of the rogue and mage classes by using alchemy to imitate magical effects. This specialization is very fast-paced and versatile.