Tempest Rogue Godmode Bug

Update: Looks like Bioware finally patched this so you can’t do it anymore! Here’s a fun “Godmode” bug for you guys. Make a rogue and choose the Tempest specialization. The tempest tree has a skill called “Flask of Fire” – this ability makes your skills not cost any stamina for 5 seconds. However, there is … Read more

Famous Characters Recreated in Inquisition

I came across some very cool screenshots today. Here are some famous characters recreated in Inquisition’s character creation. Check out Daenerys Targaryen from Game of Thrones, and Geralt of Rivia (main character of the Witcher game/book series). Looking forward to seeing many more of these!

New Trailer, More Streaming

Make sure to tune in to Bioware’s Twitch.tv stream tommorow for new gameplay streaming. You can also check out their older DA: Iquisition broadcasts there as well. And here’s a new PC-oriented game trailer. PC Master Race Unite!