Update: Looks like Bioware finally patched this so you can’t do it anymore!

Here’s a fun “Godmode” bug for you guys. Make a rogue and choose the Tempest specialization. The tempest tree has a skill called “Flask of Fire” – this ability makes your skills not cost any stamina for 5 seconds.

However, there is currently a bug where it also makes your Focus abilities (those powerful skills that require your focus bar to use) not consume any Focus. It is quite obvious that the game developers did NOT intend for this, as your Focus skills are incredibly powerful. So what can you do with this bug?

Well, you can do something like this…


That’s four Marks of the Rift (the Focus ability you gain after leaving Haven) cast at the same time by using Flask of Fire. Note how I still have my entire Focus bar afterwards.

Flask of Fire has a 32 second cooldown, which means that you can use your Focus ability every 32 seconds.

Also, you can make it even more powerful by unlocking the two “Forces” Perks on the war table, which allow you to cast tier 3 focus skills.

So is this an exploit? I don’t think so. I would try this bug out for fun, but I personally haven’t used it to progress through the game.

Find any of your own cool bugs? Let me know in the Forums!

And here’s a video to show it in action:

I came across some very cool screenshots today. Here are some famous characters recreated in Inquisition’s character creation. Check out Daenerys Targaryen from Game of Thrones, and Geralt of Rivia (main character of the Witcher game/book series). Looking forward to seeing many more of these!

daenarys3 daenerysgeralt

Game release is now only a couple weeks away. Here are some new screenshots to keep you busy.

…And this super-short teaser titled “The Breach”

While were killing time for the last few weeks before the game’s release, here’s a cool mash-up poster of Dragon Age: Inquisition and Star Wars, straight from Bioware.



Make sure to tune in to Bioware’s Twitch.tv stream tommorow for new gameplay streaming. You can also check out their older DA: Iquisition broadcasts there as well.


And here’s a new PC-oriented game trailer. PC Master Race Unite!