Assassin Archer Skill Build

Although I’ve switched to playing mostly Witcher 3: Wild Hunt since its release on May 18th, I still try to update this site and respond to posts. There was one last major DA:I skill build that I wanted to add – the Assassin Archer. Just like the other 2 rogue specs – Tempest and Artificer – Assassins can also play as either melee or ranged.


The cool thing about this build is that it seems like Bioware patched the bug that prevented the skill “Knife in the Shadows” from working with archer skills. This passive skill makes your first attack out of stealth auto crit, which is VERY strong when coupled with either Full Draw (800% + 800% bonus damage if enemy at full health) or Long Shot.

This build also has good crowd control which is usually lacking from rogue builds, thanks to Knockout Bomb.

Basic Gameplay:

  • Open up with stealth into Full Draw – this will make it auto crit and can sometimes one shot targets
  • Put up Mark of Death, then follow up with Hidden Blades and and Long Shot
  • Deactivate the Mark right before its about to expire for extra damage
  • Keep using Stealth every time it comes off cooldown, and combo it with either Full Draw or Long Shot for the auto-crit
  • Use Knockout Bomb if necessary – typically, you want to throw it after your Full Draw opener
  • Use Leaping Shot either for extra damage when everything else is on cooldown, or to escape
  • Take Caltrops and Explosive shot off your bars – we only took these skills to progress further down the skill tree
  • For your final skill, you can either take Cloak of Shadows (if you’re using this build on Cole) or Mark of the Rift if on your Inquisitor

Points Spent: 20+

Point Allocation:

Archery: Long Shot / Death from Above / Leaping Shot / First Blood / Explosive Shot / Pincushion / Full Draw

Subterfuge: Stealth

Sabotage: Caltrops / Looked Like It Hurt

Assassin: All Skills


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