More Character Creation Screenshots, Bioware Q & A

Bioware released a new Crafting and Customization Q&A. Click here to check it out.

TLDR: there will be a lot of gear/crafting customization in Inquisition. Upgrades, elemental effects, different materials, different item color schemes, item schematics, runes, and even naming your own weapons.

Also, a couple more character creation images:

Seriously, it’s like every character you can make in this game looks absolutely awesome. Another thing you may have noticed if you played Dragon Age 2, is that Qunari have a lot more variability in their looks now. In DA 2, they all looked big and mean, where as now it looks like Qunari will have a lot of variation, with both slim, human-looking Qunari, and the bigger, bulky-looking ones like Iron Bull.

And before I forget, here are some leaked art images from a Russian source. The most interesting part here is the second image: it shows Morrigan’s son, which is quite likely the Warden’s son from Dragon Age: Origins. This suggests that he may make an appearance in the game, which should be very cool considering the circumstances of his birth.

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