Double Daggers Assassin Rogue Build

The Dual Wield Assassin rogue is a classic whatever Dragon Age game you’re playing. High damage, mobility and use of stealth makes this build both fun to play and viable on all difficulties.


Basic Gameplay:

  • Start out every fight by going Stealth -> Hidden Blades from behind your target. This will make every hit crit and do extra damage
  • Always flank your targets for extra damage and effects (eg. Ripping Fangs, Quick Blade)
  • Re-activate stealth as much as possible for extra damage and guaranteed critical hits (especially important with Shadow Strike and Hidden Blades)
  • Use Mark of Death as much as possible on enemies that take a while to kill – usually bosses
  • Use Deathblow whenever enemies are close to, or below 50%
  • Although you have two mobility skills with this build (Evade and Hook & Tackle) you should only use one, because of the 8 skill cap, so choose whichever one you prefer
  • For your Focus skill, use either Mark of the Rift or Cloak of Shadows – whichever you prefer
  • If you’re really short on CC in your party, consider picking up Knockout Bomb

Points Spent: 22+

Point Allocation:

Double Daggers: Twin Fangs / Ripping Fangs / Dance of Death / Sneak Attack / Deathblow / Thrill of Victory
Sabotage: Caltrops / Looked Like it Hurt / Hook and Tackle

Subterfuge: Stealth / Lost in the Shadows / Evasion / Evade / Ambush / Shadow Strike / Quick Blade

Assassin: Hidden Blades / Overkill / I Was Never Here / Throatcutter / Knife in the Shadows / Mark of Death / Gasp in the Armor



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