Fire Necromancer Build

The Necromancer specialization is probably the weakest out of the 3 mage specs right now, but that doesn’t mean it’s not viable. Necromancers deal good sustained damage and also have a bunch of cool abilities and passives that make them fun to play, like Spirit Mark (resurrect enemies to fight for you) and Simulacrum.

I also find that the Necromancer spec gives you the most freedom on where to spend your points after you get the basic build down. After your first 18 points, you can invest your “extra” points effectively into any other tree, giving you lots of customization.

dragon age inquisition - necromancer skills bar

Necromancers have the best synergy with the Inferno tree, because fire spells cause burning (more Damage-over-Time) and Wall of Fire benefits from the 15% bonus damage to panicked enemies passive in the Necro tree. Your basic gameplan is going to revolve around crowd-controlling several enemies with Wall of Fire + Horror , while outputting high AOE and over-time damage.

Basic Gameplay:

  • Start out by putting up your barrier
  • Use Fire Mine frequently, especially after you put up a new barrier to empower it with more damage
  • Keep your Spirit Mark and Walking Bomb DoTs up as much as possible
  • Use Wall of Fire to panic multiple enemies
  • Use Immolate whenever your other DPS skills are on cooldown
  • Horror is generally not that great of a spell because of its high mana cost, so you can either save it for emergency situations, or take it off your bar entirely
  • Haste (Necromancer Focus ability) is optional – I would only pick it up if you’re using this build on Dorian, otherwise Mark of the Rift is better

Note: Once you kill a monster with Spirit Mark, it will fight for you for a short duration. This may be annoying sometimes because it will keep you in combat and prevent you from looting – if you want to kill the resurrected monster, activate your Spirit Mark again.

Points Spent: 18+

Basic Build:

Spirit: Barrier / Guardian Angel / Peaceful Aura

Inferno: Immolate / Flashpoint / Pyromancer / Fire Mine / Clean Burn / Wall of Fire / Searing Glyph / Chaotic Focus

Necromancer: Horror / Blinding Terror / Simulacrum / Walking Bomb / Death Siphon / Power of the Dead / Spirit Mark

Dragon Age Inquisition - Necromancer Skill Build

Dragon Age Inquisition - skill legend

Extra Points:

If you have extra points to spend after completing the basic build, consider these options:

Storm: This is your ideal choice if you’re looking for ever more damage – pick up Energy Barrage, Conductive Current, Static Charge, and Static Cage

Spirit: You can pick up Dispel to help deal with rifts and enemies with barrier, as well as the Restorative Veil passive to help with mana issues

Winter: Want more mobility? Pick up Fade Step. Mana issues? Try Winter Stillness (50% mana regen bonus when standing still).

Dragon Age Inquisition - Necromancer skill build extra points


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  1. I have to disagree that necro/fire is the weakest. In fact, it is by far the highest damage mage build.


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